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Skinny Ant Moat and Stained Glass Hummingbird Suncatcher Bundle - Perfect Gift Idea for Hummingbirds Lovers!

Skinny Ant Moat and Stained Glass Hummingbird Suncatcher Bundle - Perfect Gift Idea for Hummingbirds Lovers!

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Why choose just ONE when you can have them BOTH!

In this exclusive bundle, you'll get two of our most popular pieces of hummingbird gear!

About the Skinny Ant Moat:
You see, over the last few months, our crazy team of in-house "ant remediation experts" have developed this awesomely effective, but 100% completely safe, natural, & organic ant trap barrier for your hummingbird feeders.

Its brain-dead simple to use too...
1.) Simply hang the cup pointing upwards between your feeder and whatever its hanging on.

2.) Take 2-3 drops of vegetable oil and use it to coat both the inside and outside of the cup. P.S. Add on the top hook as well for really pesky ants :)

3.) That's it! <br><br>Your new ORIGINAL "Skinny Ant" moat is the simplest, quickest, and easiest-to-use, and best of all, you can rest-assured that we stand behind every single hummingbird product that we offer, and that you'll get the highest-quality & most beautiful ant moat ever in existence :)

Trust us. Your hummingbirds will be the fattest and happiest in the neighborhood and will even start to invite their friends over for a quick afternoon snack!

About the Hummingbird Stained Glass Sun Catcher:
Its beautiful and you can rest-assured that your new hummingbird sun catcher will look great in your home, and of course, we stand behind every single hummingbird product that we offer!

Sized perfectly at 9.8"x 7.5"x 2.1" and weights just 6.7 ounces!

We're proud to share this awesome new (and beautiful) all glass hummingbird sun catcher with you and your family :)

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Before I attached the Skinny ant moat to my hummingbird feeder, I had a line of ants going up the pole, down the crook and into the feeder. Unacceptable! After studying reviews and choices of ant moats, I chose the Skinny Ant Moat from We Love Hummingbirds. It is unobtrusive, attractive, and looks like it will last for years. I hate things that break! The hummingbirds and I are both happy with this purchase!

- Brenda Frank

I love these hummingbird feeders! In fact, I am ordering some more. They are so easy to clean and fill, and I've had no problems with bees or wasps. I especially like the copper. You can bend and adjust the wire based on where you're hanging it. I also like that you just slip the little cups out of the copper holder for cleaning and filling. It makes things so much easier. Best of all, hummingbirds of all sizes LOVE them!!! I have several of them at my feeders daily.

- John Greer

The transaction with We Love Hummingbirds was great! I received the item on time, and in good condition. There was even a helpful note inside the package with a link to a YouTube video to help me get started. Will definitely recommend to my fellow hummingbird lovers.

- A. Hendon

This little contraption is unbelievable - It's pretty, holds the hummingbird feeder securely....and, it works great! I have been battling ants in my hummingbird feeders and decided that there has to be something out there, to help. I reviewed different devices on hummingbird lover forums and decided on the Skinny ant moat, because of the rave reviews. I am impressed that this ant moat is from a small family company, right here in the USA, and I have ordered another one and happily shared my good news with my friends and family.

- DeeAnn P.

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