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        Bee & Wasp Proof Hummingbird Feeders

        If you’re frustrated with bees and wasps getting into your hummingbird feeders, we’ve got the perfect solution! When bees and wasps can get into your hummingbird nectar, you’ll notice they keep coming back in bigger numbers, and this can create a real problem in your yard and around your home. We offer a selection of bee and wasp-proof hummingbird feeders to ensure only hummingbirds have access to the nectar you provide for them. 

        The structure of certain hummingbird feeders are expertly designed to keep bees and wasps out but still allow hummingbirds access to food. In addition to the structural considerations, the color red can help repel bees and wasps. We carry an impressive selection of bee and wasp-proof hummingbird feeders with red features to add additional protection from these pests. 

        There’s no need to sacrifice style and design when you choose a bee and wasp-proof hummingbird feeder! They’re designed to be as beautiful as any other hummingbird feeder, but they come with added features to keep unwanted creatures out of the nectar.

        Sort through our collection of bee and wasp-proof feeders to find a design that suits your tastes while also keeping unwanted pests out of your vicinity and encouraging hummingbirds to return instead. 

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